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Free YouTube Ad Testing Tool by

YouTube Ad Testing Tool

Want to see how your ad weighs up against your competitors on YouTube?
Test and benchmark your YouTube ad for free with our AI-powered creative insights platform.

No credit card required!

Step 1: Fill in your ad details

Contact details

Learn what makes an outstanding YouTube ad.


Benchmark your campaign

See how you stack up against other ads on YouTube with benchmark scores against thousands of video ads 


Boost your ROAS

Speed up your creative optimisation process and learn what works so you can get more value for your advertising budget


Simple & scalable

Fully AI-powered, with no participants required so you can test ads quickly and easily from anywhere in the world

What do we measure?



Measure the attention on your brand.

People can’t remember what they haven’t seen. Make sure your brand is being noticed with our AI-powered brand and logo detection.


Ensure your ad is easy to process.

When it comes to making a good ad, more is less. With the cognitive ease score you can ensure your ad is visually easy to process and remember.

ad breakthrough visual-v2

Ad breakthrough

Stand out from the noise.

Measure how much attention your ad is receiving when placed in a YouTube context to ensure sure you are not losing your audience’s focus.

How does it work?


1. Set up your free ad test

Enter your ad details, share the YouTube URL and select an ad type so we know how to test your ad.


2. Your ad is processed

Your ad will be processed by our AI algorithms, and benchmarked against thousands of real YouTube ads.


3. We send your results

One of our specialists will deliver your finalised ad results along with a brief summary of key learnings and some tips for improvement.

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